Deas Will Blast The Warehouses With New ‘Form & Flux’ EP

Multitalented artist, curator, performer and self-confessed ‘machine freak’ DEAS has announced his new EP ‘Form & Flux‘. Maintaining attention to every detail and reflecting his stead fast pursuit of a sound that has been created from scratch. The analogue-produced EP dropped via Baumuzik.

Form & Flux

Across 4 tracks, He introduces his unmistakable brand of clinically precise 4/4 techno earworms and inventive groove loops. Hence, emphasizing DEAS’ unwavering musical intuition and leading the audience exactly where he wants to: the dancefloor. Each track has its own unique way to highlight the analog synths and keep you in a groovy trance.

“I don’t approach music or being an artist in a standard way, and despite my extraverted character, I spend most of the time alone in the studio. All I have there are machines, and interacting with them turns into fascinating conversations. My music is only the side effect of those…”- Deas

“…Then, after days of work, you try the least expected combination of devices and suddenly it all makes sense! That’s how ‘Flux’ was created.”


DEAS takes pride in his ability to paint a sonic-canvas with complex sound-design, improvised loops and esoteric rhythms. He recently created a custom DIY Roland 909 machine and mapped out his own drums. Moreover, he pursues a physical connection to the music he creates at every level. For example, the EP will also be released on vinyl. This represents a clear artistic vision and an undeniably technically-minded approach to music that signifies a resistance against digitally-focused trends.

“Sometimes the simplest-sounding ideas result from very complicated background work,..” . Every time I create an EP, I want the tracks to have a contrast yet maintain a common denominator.

“In ‘Form and Flux’, you will hear a spectrum of sounds, because creating the same art over and over again is simply boring!”

About Deas

Polish live performer, artist, and curator who takes pride in his otherworldly ability to paint a picture with complex sound-design and improvised loops. Known to experiment inside the studio, DEAS has a complete physical connection to his music – – from writing and vinyl release, to creating the sounds – he builds studio gear himself and even created his very own DIY Roland 909 machine and strives to resist against the new trend of ‘Tik Tok’ techno.

He has released on esteemed labels via Chris Liebing’s CLR and A R T S‘ Planet Rhythm. The Polish DJ often tests his tracks are on live audiences. Respected taste makers including Richie Hawtin, Adam Beyer, and Luke Slater have supported past releases as well. The production mastermind is no stranger to the booth himself, with performances at Awakenings, Extrema, Dockyard, Audioriver, and Opener, and club institutions including E1 London, Melkweg and Kompass.

Find the nearest local warehouse, and full blast ‘Form & Flux’ Now