Carl Cox Motorsports Launching Extreme H in 2025

Legendary UK DJ Carl Cox’s Motorsport team announced that they will take a break from Extreme E Grid for the 2024 Season. The absence will serve as preparation for the launch of Extreme H, The World’s first hydrogen off-road racing series. The launch will commence in 2025.

The Carl Cox Motorsport team had a powerful performance during their debut of Hydro X Prix 2023. They reached podium with drivers Timo Scheider, Lia Block, and Christine GZ. The drivers, however, will still compete during the 2024 season. Block will be racing for ART Grand Prix. And in the meantime, Scheider will remain in the circuit as part of the new SUN Minimeal team. (Source)

Team owner stated:

“I like to think that I have a pioneering spirit. From music to motors, I’ve always pushed myself to open doors and then go through them. Being invited to bring Carl Cox Motorsport into the highly-anticipated Extreme H series that launches in 2025 feels like a leap into the future. We’ll be working closely with the Extreme E family over the next 12 months as we prepare to launch our championship campaign in the ground-breaking new car. We are most definitely in it to win it.” 

From clubs and festivals, to futuristic drag racing, what can’t Carl Cox do!