BREAKING: Man Arrested After Climbing the Las Vegas Sphere

We had a feeling this would have happened at some point; where there’s a will, there’s a way. Cameras in Las Vegas on February 8th noticed a figured climbing up the Sphere early in the afternoon.

You might be asking why this person decided to do it. According to information obtained by FOX5 out of Las Vegas, the man has been identified as Maison DesChamps. The name may be familiar to a few because back in 2021, he was arrested for climbing the Aria hotel in Vegas.

DesChamps, also known as Pro-life Spiderman and @profile.spiderman on Instagram, climbed the Sphere to protest abortion. Additionally, it was to raise money for a mother facing an uncertain pregnancy. It has also been reported that 2 additional people were also detained at the scene along with DesChamps.

A Sphere Entertainment spokesperson provided a statement on this incident, “We are grateful to the local authorities for their support in this matter. The individuals involved are currently in the custody of LVMPD.” Additionally, the Super Bowl is coming up this Sunday which raises concerns for safety as there are many eyes on the city this weekend.

“As we sit here today, there’s an individual – for a publicity stunt – climbing up to the top of the Sphere. Your first responders are all over there, taking care of it. We know these things are going to happen, and we’re going to deal with them as they come up and make sure we have the safest Super Bowl we’ve ever had.”

The videos are insane. This is not encouraged in any way. However, the view must have been pretty nice.