Anyma Releases ‘Pictures Of You’ To Kick Off 2024

One of the most relevant artists in today’s scene has just released his first track in 2024. Last week, one-half of the Italian duo Tale Of Us and the man behind so many of the most iconic Afterlife animations, Anyma, released his first song of the year. As he gears up for what will most definitely be the biggest year of his career, Anyma looks ready to unleash a whole new arsenal of new music onto us. Anyma’s new track is titled ‘Pictures Of You’.

Both Anyma and Tale of Us come off the best year of their careers. Their label, the concept they’ve developed through it, and their message have risen to the very top of the industry. Right now, there might not be a single label that’s as big as Afterlife.

When you get to this point, one thing you must take into account is that even if you’ve managed to create your very own sound, which is the representation of your essence, you’ve gotten to a point in your career in which your sound will be copied by many, both as a sign of admiration and a desire to reach that same height you find yourself on. That is why, if a producer wishes to remain on top of the game, they will add new tools and skills into their arsenal. This, of course, includes new sounds and fresh changes added to your production game.

Pictures of You

Now, with his latest track, Anyma delivers a sound that diverts slightly from his previous work. While the vocals remain similar to those of other tracks, we find some pretty important changes. ‘Pictures of You’ delivers a new sound on the lead melody, which reminds us of the old-school trance sounds. While melodic techno is influenced by these sounds, we find a new use given to them by the Italian producer on this track. Certainly, a refreshing “new meets old” take by an amazing producer. Once again, Anyma delivers.

Stream Anyma’s new track ‘Pictures of You’ out now below!