Andromedik and Grafix Dropped Fantastic, Bass-Filled ‘Comedown’

Andromedik, the rising Belgian DnB phenom, has teamed up with the innovative British maestro Grafix in dropping a sweet-sounding jam, ‘Comedown’. This track, which includes the amazing vocals of Lauren L’aimant, is a production via Liquicity Records and it contains beautiful bass flows that complement drum beats and synths that oozes an excellent vibe for all who loves the genre of drum-and-bass. Andromedik and Grafix ensured that ‘Comedown’ brings out all of that perfect synergy, especially with vocals of Lauren Claimant that aims to inspire everyone to make the best of each moment in their lives. Click ‘Play’ on the Spotify link to amplify the weekend, particularly if one is at a Lunar New Year festival or at a Super Bowl party.

Andromedik and Grafix’s ‘Comedown’ provides an innovative sound to the DnB genre

The release of ‘Comedown’ is another spectacular chapter in the careers of both artists. For Andromedik, the track proves that he is a DnB talent who is taking the genre to new heights, especially with his successes in the past year. With over 1.073 million monthly listeners on Spotify, his superb tracks like ‘Adrenaline’ and ‘With You’ have made way for him to attain over 100 million streams on Spotify as well. Additionally, his rise over the past couple years have also led him to become a confirmed artist for Tomorrowland 2024.

For Grafix, since the release of his 1st album Half-Life in 2022, the producer from Bristol is continuing to curate dance floor bangers that people could not cease to groove. One of his must-hear tracks, ‘Somewhere’ with Reiki Ruawai, is on the F1 2022 Video Game soundtrack. The feature of that track is one achievement in Grafix’s career that shows he is definitely not stopping on his path to become a magnificent DnB superstar in his own right.