Westend And Max Styler Team Up For Long-Awaited Collaboration ‘Rhythm Machine’

Westend and Max Styler are quickly taking over the tech house scene in America. Both DJs have quickly risen through the ranks of the industry thanks to both their tracks and performances. Now, they’ve teamed up for a brand-new release. This one brings all the strength and massive sound from both artists into the game and is sure to be a chart-topper. Westend and Max Styler’s newest track is titled ‘Rhythm Machine’.

Westend has earned the community’s love, both on the producing/artist side and the fans’ side. Now, he joins Max Styler to release one of the most expected collabs of the year. ‘Rhythm Machine’ which has already cracked the top 10 Beatport tracks is a serious banger. It brings together the influences that have defined the careers of both artists. Described as an Ode to the first days of house music, it is a homage from our generation to the ones that came before us.

‘Rhythm Machine’, released on Insomniac Records, is a house banger led by a robotic vocal lead. Its premise underscores the feeling of getting caught inside the torrential current of a new love interest. The track’s computerized groove is relayed over a matrix made of punchy drum programming and retro sonic textures. These are accented by high-pitched vocalizations, ’90s dial-up samples, plucky synth fills, and well-oiled horn stabs that drive the energy into high gear.

You’ll be hearing this one in the sets of your favorite DJs in no time. An absolute groove machine. Certainly, one of the best tunes by Westend as of lately. Could this be the year the producer leaps to the next level?

Stream ‘Rhythm Machine’ by Westend & Max Styler out now!