Vini Vici Drop Massive Collab ‘Spiritum’ with Maddix

Acid Techno joins the Tribe, as Israeli Psytrance Duo Vini Vici unite with German DJ Maddix to release the high-energy track ‘Spiritum’. Alongside the ethereal vocals of Shibui, the track will raise your heart rate through the roof, and will have you dancing nonstop. Here, we continue to see the trend of Trance and Techno collaborations to create an amazing sonic experience.


Vini Vici at Ultra Miami 2023

The angelical chant of Shibui opens up the song, as the psychedelic rebound provides the pace for the track. As the song progresses, the acid comes into play, clashing with the melody in harmonious fashion. The synergy of Vini Vici and Maddix’s style is visible throughout the entire span of the track, offering great breaks before the massive drop. Spiritum is the perfect example of how Trance and Techno are symbiotic genres that complement one another. Hence, why so many current Techno DJs that command the scene are incorporating Psytrance or Hard Trance into their sets.



Vini Vici is one of the biggest names in the Psytrance scene, their signature sound has allowed the duo to establish dominance in the Trance scene. As for Maddix, the German DJ has grown in popularity with an Acid Techno that is fit for main stages all over the world. Most recently, he has worked with relevant names such as Hardwell, Timmy Trumpet, and KSHMR.

We’re really excited for more Trance and more Techno for 2024. Let’s lift up our spirits and dance to ‘Spiritum’: