Tomorrowland Unveils Incredible New CORE Stage in Tulum

Tulum has been the center of music for the last few weeks. Even with all of the nonstop shows and beautiful vibes, Tomorrowland decided to add to the excitement by hosting 2 incredible curated shows. The first, which happened on January 13 near the beautiful Zamna cenote, debuted a new stage, CORE.

The newly crafted CORE stage was completely integrated into Tulum’s jungle scenery, featuring a rocky structure and plenty of nature and water elements, as well as impressive lights and laser beams all around the stage. More than 16.000 music lovers were taken along an entire story and journey with brand-new custom-made video content throughout the night, while the central video wall showed magical and dreamy elements, taking visitors deeper and deeper into dreams and darkness. For the first time ever, lights, video and scents were all used together to deepen the experience even more. As soon as the sun started rising, the CORE stage left the darkness to return to a cheerful new setting.


Some of the first artists to play on the stage this last weekend include Boys Noize, Diplo, Disclosure, HAAi, and Mind Against. But the other stages in the venue had incredible performances by Tijana T, LP Giobbi, Dan Shake, and Afriqua.

  • The stage is 17 meters high and 30 meters wide.
  • All stage decoration is inflatable.
  • The entire stage has been developed for touring, everything fits into 1 container. ​(for any production people out there, this is INSANE).
  • 209 moving lights
  • 20 wash beams
  • 96 strobe lights
  • 95 LED flares
  • 34 LED par spots
  • 14 water fountains
  • 14 water geysers
  • 28 water LED washes
  • 40 fireworks fountains
  • 15 CO2 shooters
  • 15 LED bars
  • 45 fog machines
  • 22 bubble smoke machines

Tomorrowland has been working on the schematics of the whole project for over a year. It will continue popping up al over the world and the two weekends of Tomorrowland in 2024.

Next week, January 20th, the stage will see Agents of Time, Kolsch, Vintage Culture, Mura Masa, Olympe and more! Tickets are available here for a last minute send.