SNAILS and Hyro The Hero Unleash Sonic Fury With ‘Rampage’ to Start Off 2024

Vomitstep pioneer SNAILS is wasting no time in 2024, launching into the year with a powerhouse collaboration alongside Hyro The Hero. Following the successful ‘Legendary‘ remix with Hyro The Hero & Atreyu, SNAILS takes the collaboration to new heights with ‘Rampage.’ This explosive track promises calculated chaos, triggering synchronized headbanging from massive crowds wherever it plays.

At a runtime of 2:23, ‘Rampage’ is a short yet impactful banger that leaves a lasting sonic impression. Hyro The Hero takes centerstage on this one, where his fierce energy takes command from start to finish in conjunction with SNAILS’ razor sharp production to induce a sonic fury amongst listeners. This collaboration is just the beginning for SNAILS in 2024, as he gears up to release multiple collaborations throughout the year. Fans can expect SNAILS to come back in full force, delivering a series of electrifying tracks that showcases his signature style that continues to evolve and adapt towards new heights.