Michael Bibi Announces a Change Is Coming

Talented house artist Michael Bibi announced a change is coming in two blank Instagram posts after his successful battle with cancer. The announcement has become great news for his fans, who are eager to hear his electrifying beats again.

Bibi previously took to social media to express his gratitude for everyone’s support while he fought cancer. Now that he is doing better, he has been working hard on new music and other creative ideas.

The announcement has brought excitement to the EDM world, and we’re all in anticipation to see what’s next from him. Bibi’s unique blend of house music with a touch of techno has made him a household dance music name.

Bibi’s battle with cancer has been a difficult journey, but he has emerged victorious, and his positive attitude and motivation are inspirational. He has shown that no matter what life throws at you, you can overcome any obstacle with determination and hard work.

Keep your eyes peeled to see what Michael Bibi has in store for us by checking out any of his social channels.

Photo via Facebook: Michael Bibi