Mahmut Orhan Announces Debut Album Pangea

Turkish DJ/producer Mahmut Orhan releases his new single, ‘Andalusian‘, via Ultra Records. The track comes alongside the formal announcement of his debut album, Pangea, which is set to arrive on March 22. The project will continue Orhan’s mission to harness the universal power of music by blending intercontinental and intercultural sounds.

Orhan’s sonic evolution is heard clearly on ‘Andalusian’, which builds upon his Indie Dance roots and ascends to powerful Melodic Techno. Middle Eastern Psytrance influences propel the track forward, while Lebanese singer Ribale Wehbé delivers a rich yet feathery vocal performance in her native tongue. The sound is dramatic and emotional but still beckons listeners to the dancefloor. 

The Pangea album is a real memory album for me, where all the memories, experiences, journeys and sounds that inspire me that I have accumulated since the day I started making music, come together.

Mahmut Orhan

To start 2024, Orhan has embarked on an expansive world tour. With such a ubiquitous sound, he’s able to perform in all corners of the world, up and down the Americas from Canada to Argentina and Central Europe to Saudi Arabia. As the weather warms up for festival season, Orhan will debut at several massive music festivals, including one of the biggest in the United States, Coachella.