Justice Teases New Music For The First Time In Almost A Decade

2024 is finally here. New Year. New Music. Old Artists? This year will mark the return of one of dance music’s biggest acts: Justice. The French duo is set to release new music after a 7-year hiatus. Known by their timeless releases, and for being one of the main faces in the history of French dance music, this is, without a doubt, the biggest comeback for house music in 2024.

It’s been 7 years since the release of the last Justice album. ‘Woman’ became an international hit, bringing the duo into the spotlight once again. For a couple of years, the pair toured the world, delivering a series of memorable performances. I had the chance to catch one of the wonderful sessions during their performance at Vaiven Festival, in Mexico. The elegance, mastery, and mysterious aura transmitted during the whole performance convinced me that these two are on the same level as many of the great French artists.

A 30-second video is all it took for the world to fall at Justice’s feet once again. After hearing about the duo’s return from one of the founders of the label, Ed Banger, it’s safe to say we’ve all been waiting for this one. The return of Justice and the release of their fourth studio album is as big as it gets for the whole industry. We’re sure that the duo, which is approaching its 20th anniversary, has many amazing things in store for us.

2024 is the year Justice arrives for all. We’ll boogie through endless nights and get lost in the most complex art inside dance music: house music. The father of all genres returns, escorted by some of its finest knights. We are more than ready for the return of Justice, and with it, the return of a subgenre of house music that’s been long asleep.