InteliDey Celebrates Dance Music On Latest Release, ‘Agare (Club Edition)’

Listen to a lovely track we recently came across.

Halfway through the week, it is always a good time to take a small break from the routine and listen to one — or a couple — of tracks with eyes closed. It’s the ideal activity to recharge and restart. We’ve found a track which lets you do just that, sit back and enjoy a bit of a journey. Meet InteliDey.


Somdip Dey, known in the Dance world as InteliDey, is far from being a standard musician. With an impressive background, he’s been involved in science, engineering, music production, and even as a speaker for TEDx. Oh, and he’s the CEO of Nosh Technologies, a food waste reduction company.

As a truly balanced professional, he aims to pair the meticulous world of technology with the soulful area of expression through music, and apply techniques of one side to the other. His latest release, ‘Agare (Club Edition)’, is a case in point.

‘Agare (Club Edition)’

One of his three takes on this piece, the Club Edition of his very own ‘Agare’ brings together entrancing rhythms, dynamic sounds, and warm progressions, to craft an ideal Progressive House track, with an evident curiosity of leaping into the world of Trance.

Melodic and impactful, this song earned the #1 position in the most popular tracks in the Progressive House and Trance genres respectively on the Audiomack streaming platform halfway through January. This, being a milestone which only goes to show ‘Agare (Club Edition)’ effectively resonates with the crowd, as much as it does with its creator.

Enjoy a one-way trip through the complex layers of InteliDey’s latest, finding more and more ear candy with each new listen. Dive into the sound that lies behind the most obvious melodies and find out why he’s an artist to look out for in the next months.

Final Words

Listen to InteliDey’s ‘Agare (Club Edition)’ by clicking the Spotify button we’ve provided. Also, be sure to follow him on his socials. And stay tuned to our page for the latest news and reviews from our beloved EDM industry.