Fideles & Re-Type Release Uplifting ‘Are We Dreaming’

The italian Melodic Techno DJ Duo Fideles impresses yet again with up and coming Belgian DJ Duo Re-Type. Their mastery of melodic, dreamy, and hypnotic techno all came together while composing their newest single ‘Are We Dreaming’, released with Impressum Records. Beautiful soundscapes, enticing rhythm, and euphoric vibrations will lift your spirit.

Are We Dreaming?

The main melody flows around the bassline like water, and the vocals remind you of a lover softly speaking to you as you wake up in the morning. Each element of the song shine in their own beautiful way, installing wonderful emotions as the song progresses. It’ll make you chase your dreams and appreciate your loved ones around you.

Veterans and Newcomers

The timeless sound of Fideles matches the dreamy sequences of Re-Type. It is always wonderful to see Industry heavyweights work with newcomers, as Fideles was formed in 2010. In contrast, Re-Type first official singles came out in 2023. After support from Tale of Us and Argy for ‘Are We Dreaming’, we expect a lot more to come from Re-Type.

Fideles had a triumphant 2023 while showcasing tracks with Be No Rain, Vintage Culture, and Camelphat. We can already tell 2024 will be just as exciting. Nevertheless, let’s enjoy ‘Are We Dreaming’.