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CRSSD’s PROPER NYE/NYD, held from December 31, 2023, into January 1, 2024, was nothing short of perfect. The latest iteration of FNGRS CRSSD’s PROPER NYE/NYD, now a cherished memory, was a resounding success, transforming San Diego’s Petco Park into an electrifying hub of music and celebration. The event, which spanned the last day of 2023 and the first of 2024, showcased an extraordinary lineup across four distinct stages: Lot, Field, Wall, and Terrace. If you were in attendance I’m sure you can attest to how great the event was, if not keep reading for the inside scoop.

Personal Prelude: My Love for CRSSD

Before delving into the heart of CRSSD’s PROPER NYE/NYD, I must confess my bias – CRSSD is, without a doubt, my favorite festival. And for good reason. The experience they deliver is consistently awe-inspiring, and this year’s Proper NYE/NYD event was no exception. As a sanctuary for House and Techno enthusiasts, it offered everything one could dream of – an excellent venue, phenomenal music, and vibes that were nothing short of immaculate. And let’s not forget about their merch – the House & Techno Bombers were a festival highlight!

Stages and Venue: The Petco Park Experience

Petco Park, renowned for its baseball legacy, transformed into a pulsating world of beats and lights for PROPER NYE/NYD. Spread across four unique stages – Lot, Field, Wall, and Terrace – each offered a distinct flavor. The Lot, bustling with energy, set the pace for excitement. The Field, with its sprawling expanse, became a Dance haven. The Wall provided an intimate escape, while the Terrace, a hidden delight, offered a serene respite from the festival’s fervor. Together, these stages encapsulated the essence of Petco Park, turning it into an unparalleled venue for a musical odyssey.

Vibes and Crowd: The Heart of CRSSD

The atmosphere at PROPER NYE/NYD was electric. The crowd, a melting pot of music aficionados, brought an infectious energy. Despite a slight drizzle, spirits remained high, and the weather only added to the festival’s charm. The camaraderie among attendees, coupled with the festival’s eclectic aura, made for an environment where every moment was a celebration of music and togetherness.

Musical Highlights: A Sonic Journey

The music was the soul of the festival, with performances that resonated long after the last note. Sonny Fodera‘s set was a rhythmic masterpiece, setting a high bar for the event. CamelPhat delivered what many, including myself, considered the best set of the weekend – a masterclass in mixing and energy. Gorgon City mesmerized with their deep, melodic beats while ringing in the New Year with ZHU was an experience in itself – his performance was a blend of ethereal melodies and electrifying energy, perfectly capturing the essence of the moment.

DB – Daniela Becerra – @itskinderella

While I could go on and on about each artist I saw, I won’t — Each performance was a testament to the festival’s curatorial excellence. Whether you’re into the artists mentioned above, or heavier soundscapes such as Pan-Pot, Rebūke, or Miss Monique, Proper had it all.

FLG – Felicia Garcia – @fixationphotography

Anticipating the Future: Next Year’s Wonders

As the memories of PROPER NYE/NYD linger fondly, the excitement for next year’s iteration begins to build. With the promise of more groundbreaking music, innovative stages, and the unmatched spirit of the CRSSD community, the next event is already shaping up to be a highlight of the festival season. Here’s to another year of unparalleled experiences and the continued legacy of CRSSD‘s incredible events.

DB – Daniela Becerra – @itskinderella

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