Dreamstate SF Provided the Perfect End to 2023 for Trance Fans

For the first time since 2018, Dreamstate SF returned to the “City by the Bay”. Dreamstate is Insomniac’s top trance label and one of their most-popular events is Dreamstate SoCal, held annually in Long Beach. With the COVID pandemic being behind many people’s minds, including those who are trance fans and artists alike, December 30, 2023 was the perfect date for Dreamstate to return to San Francisco.

The trance masterpiece occurred at the Palace of Fine Arts, more specifically the warehouse venue that’s next to the world-famous rotunda, its complementing colonnades, and beautiful lagoon. The artists that performed at Dreamstate SF were Blurr, Miyuki, Jerome Isma-Ae, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Andrew Bayer, Gareth Emery, and Above & Beyond. Here is the summary of Dreamstate SF, which ended 2023 blissfully for trance fans inside the venue.

*Featured Cover Photo Credit: Miyuki

Video Courtesy: DrSeb/YouTube

Dreamstate SF gave out perfect bliss and harmony for all who attended at the Palace of Fine Arts

To start off Dreamstate SF was Blurr, a well-known resident DJ from San Francisco who got his name started at local hotspot, 1015 Folsom. Afterwards, Chicago-based Miyuki, a rising name in trance and melodic dubstep, kicked it up a notch with her innovative music production skills. Then, Jerome Isma-Ae enhanced the volume with his powerful style of trance that presented a spectacular, progressive balance of melodies and synths. When Italian trance veteran Giuseppe Ottaviani came on stage, his style of tech-trance uplifted the already-vibrant crowd and ensured that everyone is continuing to dance the night away.

Furthermore, Andrew Bayer’s blend of exciting beats and chill vocals showed why his form of progressive trance is a favorite amongst trance fans who also love different genres like dubstep and techno. Later, Gareth Emery had his live set, “Gareth Emery Presents: Decade”, in which he plays many of his beloved fans’ favorite tracks over the past decade of his illustrious career. Finally, Above & Beyond ended the night with a spectacular two-hour set that started on midnight of December 31st and it was a set that was unforgettable for many attendees who were glad to end their 2023 at a memorable trance showcase. One can only imagine what Dreamstate SF 2024 will be like since this 2023 edition was just magnificent and was worth the five-year wait for.

Dreamstate SF 2023
Image Courtesy: Dreamstate/Insomniac