Covex Teases Upcoming Album with ‘Power’

Covex Power

Covex kicks off the new year with the release of his new single titled ‘Power’ featuring Yianna on Seeking Blue Records. This marks the first glimpse into his forthcoming sophomore album. ‘Power’ takes listeners on a sonic journey, seamlessly blending elements of UK Garage and Indie-Dance. The result is a sound that is both emotionally charged and invigorating. With Yianna’s anthemic vocals, Covex’s meticulous production, and emotive melodies, ‘Power’ becomes an instant save. leaving fans eager for more from Covex.

“Yianna’s voice complements it so well, it’s exactly what the production needed. The message of the song is about confidence, empowerment and fighting for what you want in this life.”

– Covex

The past few years marked an incredibly busy international touring schedule. Covex closed out the previous year with performances at Illenium’s Ember Shores festival in Cancun and headlined MrSuicideSheep’s premiere charity event in Vancouver, Canada. His impressive list of previously toured venues includes Red Rocks with Big Gigantic, touring with Grabbitz and Inzo, as well as appearances at Decadence, Okeechobee, Ubbi Dubbi, and Global Dance Festival.