CAMELPHAT Unveils ‘Constellation Series Vol 2’ On When Stars Align

The cosmos of electronic music is vast and ever-expanding, but few compilations have the power to transport listeners to otherworldly realms like ‘Constellation Series Vol 2. Released under the esteemed label When Stars Align, catalog number WSA007, this celestial compilation is a harmonious blend of artistry and emotion. Slated for release on 12th January 2024, it’s more than just an album; it’s a galactic voyage curated by CAMELPHAT, featuring the likes of Eynka, Henri Bergmann, and James Organ.

Eynka – The Synth Alchemists

First in line are Eynka, the brainchild of Chris and Dave Hall alongside Joshua Field. Renowned for their unique blend of techy grooves and emotive melodies, they’re the maestros of analog synthesis and classical composition. Their track ‘Cascada’ is nothing short of an auditory masterpiece, offering a hypnotic and uplifting journey that perfectly showcases their unique style. It’s a track that doesn’t just resonate with your ears but washes over your soul, enveloping you in its melodic embrace.

Henri Bergmann – The Melodic Visionary

Next up is Henri Bergmann, a name synonymous with deeply emotive and melodic sounds. Henri’s global influence, stemming from her performances from LA to Ibiza, and her leadership at her label Automatik, has cemented her as a tour de force in melodic techno. Her track ‘Evolve To Survive’ is a testament to her prowess, an energetic and fluid composition that captivates with its evolving melodies and passionate energy. It’s more than just a song; it’s a musical journey that evolves with each beat.

James Organ – The Rising Luminary

Last, but certainly not least, is Liverpool’s very own James Organ. A rising luminary in the House & Techno scene, James has already made waves with his deep and melodic creations. His track ‘The Faith’ is a deep dive into introspective soundscapes, marked by thought-provoking speech vocals and an evolving atmosphere. It’s a track that instills optimism and encourages listeners to keep faith in the power of music.

Constellation Series Vol 2′ is not just a compilation of tracks; it’s a constellation in its own right, with each artist shining brightly, guiding us through the cosmic journey of sound. As the stars align in this musical universe, each track serves as a guide, a beacon of melody and rhythm in the vastness of electronic music. So, as January 12th hits, prepare to embark on this celestial odyssey, and let the music of Eynka, Henri Bergmann, and James Organ be your guide through the cosmos.

When Stars Align – Constellations Vol. 2 | STREAM

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