Black Coffee Injured in “Severe Travel Accident”

Being a music artist allows one to travel all over the world to many different places and countries to perform. While that is a huge perk and luxury for someone, there is a chance that something could occur with all the means of traveling. It’s not unheard of to hear of accidents i.e. Metallica’s bus crash in 1986. We always hope for the safety of everyone, artist or not, when traveling. Sadly, it was just confirmed via social media that Black Coffee was involved in a serious travel accident for his January 7th show.

Just a few hours ago, this was posted on all his platforms:

Commenting has been removed on each post except Facebook which is full of well wishes from DJs and fans (over 14,000 likes and counting). No details have emerged yet on what happened or what mode of transportation he and presumably his team was using. The announcement informs us that he was on his way to his scheduled performance in Argentina when something happened. His next performance is scheduled for January 12th in Tulum. Hopefully we hear more soon but what matters is he is in the best care and he’s remaining positive!