Barclay Crenshaw Drops Exhilarating New Single ‘Big In The Game’

Renowned electronic music artist Barclay Crenshaw, previously known as Claude VonStroke and the founder of Dirtybird Records, is set to release his much-anticipated singleBig In The Game‘. Featuring UK grime artists Snowy & Manga Saint Hilare. This electrifying track is the first single from his upcoming album Open Channel, released on January 5th, 2024.

Rooted in raucous bass music and fiery vocals, ‘Big In The Game‘ is a bold fusion of UK grime and hip-hop. Showcasing Crenshaw’s versatility and innovative approach to music. The track marks a pivotal moment in Crenshaw’s career as he transitions from his acclaimed house music roots to a broader exploration of bass music, electronica, and more.

Snowy and Manga Saint Hilare, both powerhouses in the UK grime scene, lend their distinct lyrical prowess to the track, creating an energetic and captivating sound. The collaboration highlights Crenshaw’s ability to bring together diverse talents, creating a unique and compelling auditory experience.

Barclay Crenshaw Big in the game

Barclay Crenshaw- ‘Big In The Game’

‘Big In The Game’ promises to be a standout track, reflecting Crenshaw’s dedication to pushing musical boundaries. Offering fans a glimpse of the innovative soundscapes to be expected from the Open Channel album set for release in conjunction with his headline tour launch on March 8th, 2024 via Easier Said. 

This release is just the beginning of a transformative journey for Barclay Crenshaw, as he gears up for his Open Channel tour, commencing in March 2024. The tour will feature Crenshaw’s unique blend of musical styles, promising a fresh and immersive live experience for audiences across the United States.

In a captivating showcase of his artistic evolution, Barclay Crenshaw has unveiled an exclusive warehouse set video. A pivotal piece in his shift from Claude VonStroke to his bass-forward electronic project. Directed by the renowned Anthony Earnest Garth, this set, available on Crenshaw’s YouTube channel, displays a dynamic fusion of avant-garde bass, electronica, and hip-hop, encapsulated in a raw, industrial aesthetic. This release complements the upcoming ‘Open Channel’ tour and album and underlines Crenshaw’s innovative approach to his craft, signaling an exciting new chapter of groundbreaking music and live experiences.

You can listen to Barclay Crenshaw- ‘Big In The Game’ below!