Tomorrowland Announces ‘The Spirit Of Life’ Limited Edition Novel Set For 2024 Release

The release of the second edition of the fantasy series based inside the fictitious world of Tomorrowland was announced this week. After a very successful incursion into the world of fantastic novels, the festival that placed EDM music in front of millions of eyes through their captivating after-movies and a completely new world for dance music fans to escape to is ready to continue the adventure. Tomorrowland’s new adventure is titled ‘The Spirit Of Life‘.

Last year saw the debut of Tomorrowland’s first novel, ‘The Rise OF Adscendo. At this year’s Tomorrowland edition, it seems like the iconic Belgian festival has found a new way to make their experience a more immersive one.

And so, here it is, ‘The Spirit Of Life’, the new chapter in this Tomorrowland story. In 2024, the People of Tomorrow can discover the origin story of the new fantasy theme. The theme’s title is ‘Life’. In this novel, the roots of the theme ‘Life’ are planted, cultivated, and grown.

Attendees will have the chance to recognize elements and imagery from the book at the festival’s 2024 edition. This creates a unique and unparalleled chance for a deeper connection. Last year, the reception was overwhelmingly positive by those who took part in the whole experience.

However, fantasy fans will also get the prospect to delve into the rich storytelling world of Tomorrowland. This way, they can explore the diverse and magical tale within the book, regardless of their physical attendance at the festival.

The Spirit Of Life

The story in ‘The Spirit of Life’ is set in Silvyra, a lush and vibrant world of nature. Alongside last year’s avian-inspired realm ‘Adscendo’, both of these worlds aim to become integral to an exciting new storytelling project that Tomorrowland is actively developing.

You can read the synopsis for the ‘Spirit Of Life’ below:

You can pre-order now and ensure a first edition of a very limited edition hardback copy of the novel. It includes festival artwork, sprayed edges, and a map of Silvyra here.