Study Finds Almost Half of 16-35 Year-Olds Have Hearing Loss

Attending concerts, raves, music festivals, or any musical functions is a common and very popular interest for many adults, especially young adults. In regards to the 16-35 year-old demographic, modern society can say that it is almost true for people who are in that demographic. However, going to a lot of music events can become a detriment to one’s hearing in the near future. There is a study from health promotion startup Eargym that stated about a quarter of 16-35 year-olds have early signs of hearing loss. In fact, Eargym gathered their research findings from over 1,000 people throughout a 4-month period.

*Featured Cover Photo Credit: eternalcreative / Getty Images

Researchers from Eargym analyzed results of the study

The way that researchers from Eargym analyzed this study was through conducting a scientifically-validated “speech-in-noise” activity. In detail, this activity came from the Eargym app itself and it was very useful in obtaining the data for the startup. The data then diagnosed that amongst the 16-35 year-old demographic, 24% have hearing loss and 19% have possible signs of hearing loss.

Furthermore, 47% in the same age demographic have a hearing age that is older than their biological age, with the average age difference between 13 years. Overall, the study had its impact on providing knowledge about hearing loss in young adults, especially with the study detecting about 43% of the study’s participants having hearing loss. About half of the participants in the study stated that the hearing have impacted life quality as well. Perhaps in the near future, Eargym can reconnect with all of the participants in 10 or 20 years and inquire how the participants’ hearing will become in that time period.