Steve Aoki & Yellowcard Drop 20-Year Commemorative ‘Ocean Avenue’ Remix

In an electrifying celebration of the 20-year anniversary of Yellowcard‘s ‘Ocean Avenue‘, 2x-GRAMMY-nominated music producer and DJ Steve Aoki unveils a dance remix that brilliantly encapsulates nostalgia and innovation. This 2023 remix is a poignant tribute to the legendary Pop-Punk band’s classic hit. Infusing the original’s heartfelt essence with a new layer of exhilarating dance drops and vibrant energy.

A Collaboration Born from Shared Passions

Firstly, the genesis of this remix is as fascinating as its outcome. The idea sparked when Ryan Key of Yellowcard, inspired by his ventures into Electronic music and the alternative tracks featured on Aoki’s recent HiROQUEST: Genesis album, reached out to him. This synergy between the two artists paved the way for a collaborative masterpiece. Melding their unique sounds, they’ve created something extraordinary to mark the 20th anniversary of this iconic song.

When asked about the remix, Aoki had the following to share:

When Ryan initially reached out about this possible collab, I was really excited — especially when I discovered how much he loves electronic music. We combined our different musical styles to create a perfect fusion of alt rock and electronic for this track. Honoring Ocean Avenue’s 20th anniversary by blending these sounds was an amazing experience.”

Additionally, Ryan Key from the band shared the following:

“I really admired the collaborations Steve was doing in the alternative rock and emo world, and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect to reach out and see if we could work together for the 20th anniversary of Ocean Avenue. Steve’s passion for music and creativity is infectious. The band and I are huge electronic music fans, so working with him has been an absolute career highlight”

A Nostalgic Journey Meets Modern Beats

What Steve Aoki and Yellowcard have crafted is more than a remix; it’s a musical time machine that connects the past and present. The new ‘Ocean Avenue’ remix pays homage to the original’s enduring charm while elevating it with Aoki’s signature production style. This blend of classic punk vibes and contemporary EDM elements results in a track that resonates with fans across different generations, celebrating two decades of a song that has left an indelible mark on the music world.

In sum, Steve Aoki and Yellowcard’s 2023 remix of ‘Ocean Avenue’ is a testament to the power of collaboration and the enduring nature of music. Lastly, it’s a refreshing take that honors the legacy of the original while charting new territories in the realm of Dance music, perfectly commemorating 20 years of a song that continues to inspire and move audiences worldwide.

Steve Aoki & Yellowcard – Ocean Avenue (Steve Aoki Remix) | STREAM


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