Shogun Releases Debut Track ‘Shut Up Now (Dance With Me)’ on His New Label Neo Tokyo Records

Get ready to groove as DJ and producer Shogun brings the party with his latest track, ‘Shut Up Now (Dance With Me).‘ This lively tune not only marks Shogun’s debut on his new label, Neo Tokyo Records, but it’s also an open invitation to hit the dance floor and let loose to the beats.

In just over two minutes, Shogun crafts a catchy track that hooks you from the start. Mixing a fast tempo with a chill piano melody, he takes you on a musical journey that’s impossible to resist. The energy builds up, leaving you hitting the replay button for more. But the fun doesn’t stop there. ‘Shut Up Now (Dance With Me)’ is just the beginning. Shogun’s Neo Tokyo Records promises more exciting tracks in the pipeline, so stay tuned for more music goodness.

And that’s not all—Shogun is taking over the decks with a monthly gig at 1OAK in Tokyo. If you’re in the area, don’t miss the chance to experience Shogun’s beats live and feel the energy on the dancefloor. Connecting with fans globally, Shogun hosts “The Neo Tokyo Radio Show” on YouTube, with 35 episodes already up. It’s a cool way to dive into Shogun’s musical world and get to know the vibe behind Neo Tokyo Records.