Seven Lions’ OceanLab – Satellite Remix Officially Releases On Anjunabeats

Who would have thought a bootleg mix uploaded on SoundCloud so many moons ago would finally have an official release? That’s right, 12 years after our beloved Seven Lions uploaded an unofficial remix of ‘Satellite‘ by iconic Trance group OceanLab, comes, at last, the official release on the Anjunabeats label.


The original track goes back 2 decades to 2004 and has been a staple in the Above & Beyond — and the whole of Trance — sets since. This tune was considered the breakthrough track and cemented OceanLab as a force to reckon with in the Dance music space. OceanLab is Above & Beyond‘s vocal Trance moniker with Justine Suissa. Her vocals are not only uniquely compelling but captivating, and take you into your own trance. ‘Satellite‘ is a perfect blend of driving, minor-key beats with heavenly vocals of Justine, making a deeply emotional track. The inspiration for this track comes from a couple and the love letters they exchanged whilst one of them was away on tour. The lyrics pull at your heartstrings as it depicts the pain their love feels being separated for so long.

The original has a discography spanning over two decades, and it has been topping charts in the UK for multiple years. It has become a proper Trance anthem over the years.

‘Satellite’ – Seven Lions Remix

Seven Lions is no stranger to the Anjuna family. He rose to fame quickly after winning a remix competition in 2011 for his rework of A&B’s ‘You Got To Go‘. Jeff’s remix of ‘Satellite’ has received its well-deserved release. It will be the third single from the forthcoming OceanLab: The Anthology project. This remix is a perfect blend of contemporary Bass and nostalgia. Adding his Dubstep spin on this track, and keeping Justine’s vocals intact, gives this classic a revamp we love hearing at clubs. ‘Satellite‘ has had countless remixes but nothing can compare to how unique Jeff’s touch is.

The boys at Above & Beyond have had a busy year, with their iconic sold-out shows at Printworks for two consecutive nights. So far we have heard the releases of OceanLab – ‘Satellite’ (Above & Beyond’s 2023 Progressive Mix) and ‘Beautiful Together’ (Genix Remix). You can preorder the OceanLab: The Anthology box set here. You can attend Above & Beyond’s live celebration in The Netherlands at The GelreDome and in San Francisco at The Palace of Fine Arts Theatre. Get your tickets here.

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