New York Club Nowadays To Introduce 24-Hour Parties Every Week In 2024

Nowadays is a hidden gem located near Bushwick, Brooklyn. Technically in Queens, you wouldn’t think this club hosts parties just by driving by. But hidden behind steel walls is a massive compound built for Summer day parties. They also have a spacious indoor club section where they have been hosting 24-hour parties every month. In 2024, that is all about to change, for Nowadays will be hosting 24-hour parties every week!

There aren’t many places in New York that host 24-hour parties. While New York nights run ’till 4 am, not many spaces are ambitious enough to run it through the morning into the afternoon. I feel like it is the Club Space of New York in many ways. Kevin Saunderson, Ryan Elliott, quest?onmarq, ISAbella, and more are all scheduled to perform at the first Nonstop’s of 2024 on January 6th.

The full nonstop program for January includes Nick León, Analog Soul, Paurro, OK Williams, DJ Sadboy, Maara, Honey B, Physical Therapy, Nutrition Facts, Furtive, Rrose, Ciel, and more. Their goal is to do a variety of diverse genres and potential crossovers of different worlds“.

The club also just introduced a new Mexican-inspired restaurant, The Zumbador. Run by Nowadays staff members Maria Bravo and Fernando Adan, they’ll serve breakfast during Nonstop events, along with a selection of coffee, smoothies, and protein bars. If you want to visit for just a dinner, they also have an extensive food menu to feast on.

I have visited Nowadays many times and it is presented as a safe space for all. It is a progressive venue that all are welcome to. I highly recommend attending an event to see what our scene is about.

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