John Summit & Mathame Team Up With Camden Cox For Massive Track ‘Hungover’

John Summit is continuing his amazing 2023 with one final song. Together with Mathame and Camden Cox, ‘Hungover’ will take you on a journey of love and passion. The groovy techno tune will not just move your feet but also your mind. It features deep moving breaks with ethereal synths and Camden’s blissful vocals.

The track tells a story of both love and drinking (John’s favorite of course). Camden describes a situation of continuing to go back to a lover similar to being hungover every weekend. The drops continue to build on one another over time. What starts as a simple groove progresses to adding the synths and the vocals featured throughout. The track is primed for 7 am Club Space mornings but I also can see this being remixed into a club banger as well.

John Summit was recently named to Forbes 30 Under 30. He was the only DJ to be featured in this esteemed list. Summit has amassed more than 500 million streams and 7 million monthly listeners on Spotify alone, and made him the top-selling producer on Beatport in 2021. He also just recently teased a new track with Hayla. As of now, the song will be called ‘Shiver.’

The ‘Where You Are’ DJ might just have had the song of the year too, more to come on that soon.

Make sure to check out ‘Hungover’ below!