Heerhorst Releases The Anticipated Techno Track ‘Wimbo’

Following ‘Dark Clouds’, his collaboration with Teenage Mutants and PETER PAHN, which stands as one of the biggest Techno tracks of 2023, Heerhorst ends the year with his debut solo release on Adam Beyer’s label via the gargantuan Wimbo. Available now via Drumcode.

Meaning “song” in Swahili, the track samples the vocal from Zerb Mwaki’ and draws on the stunning lead from Kenyan singer Sofiya Nzau, who sings in the Bantu language Kikuyu, a language spoken in Kenya. This features an intricate production with pulsating rhythms that is sure to be a paradise for Techno music lovers. As its name can make us think, it injects a ton of personality, featuring lively, bouncing drums and sharp Reese stabs. It’s an all-encompassing and vibrant piece.

Utilizing the vocal-to-cracking effect, Heerhorst’s take has been highlighting Beyer’s sets stretching back to the summer, including shows at Ultra Tokyo, Awakenings (going B2B with Layton Giordani), and his Hï Ibiza residency.

The release includes an Original Mix that is six minutes of powerful emotive Techno, which superbly balances the energy between Nzau’s vocals and Heerhorst’s crisp percussion. Meanwhile, the 6 AM Mix is a slower burner, teasing out the grooves into rolling late-night Progressive Techno territory. In summary, Wimbo is a creation that emphasizes showcasing a style of Techno that is phenomenal, exquisite, powerful, and full of life at the same time. It’s an outstanding all-round pack.

You can listen to Heerhorst – ‘Wimbo‘ below!