Eli Brown And Joyhauser Unite To Release ‘Drop It Down’

Renowned electronic music maestro Eli Brown joins forces with the dynamic Belgian duo Joyhauser to deliver ‘Drop It Down‘, a hard-hitting Techno anthem. The release marks Eli Brown’s massive return to his ever-expanding Arcane imprint and heralds an exciting year ahead in 2024. The collaboration between Eli Brown and Joyhauser presents a powerful convergence of talent, crafting a relentless, four-on-the-floor monster production.

‘Drop It Down’ stands testament to Eli Brown’s unparalleled production prowess and Joyhauser’s distinctive sonic signature. It’s a high-octane journey, marked by crisp production, irresistible synth work, and incessant energy. The release exemplifies the artists’ commitment to pushing the boundaries of the genre and their ambition to elevate the Techno sound to the main stage.

The Artists Behind ‘Drop It Down’

Eli Brown, a trailblazer in the Electronic music scene, has garnered support from industry heavyweights including Carl Cox, Adam Beyer, Solomun, Reinier Zonneveld, and even Calvin Harris. His innovative approach to Techno music has made a lasting impact on the business. ‘Drop It Down’ further cements his position as a driving force in the Dance music world. The talented Bristolian continues to build his legacy, with his recent North American tour selling out and drawing 30,000 people at EDC Orlando.

Joyhauser, the Belgian duo known for their infectious energy and cutting-edge productions, add their unique flair to ‘Drop It Down’. With a dedicated global fan base and a series of successful releases, Joyhauser consistently delivers fresh and innovative productions. Their collaboration with Eli Brown results in a seamless fusion of styles, producing a track that is both sophisticated and raw, captivating listeners with its infectious rhythm and intricate sonic details.

You can listen to ‘Drop It Down’ below.

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