Year In Tunes – EDMTunes Top 20 Remixes Of 2023

Following up our Top Original Tracks of the year, we had to honor the artists who reworked masterpieces into something brand new. Picking this list was bonkers since we had multiple remixes of the same song competing for a spot, as well as multiple ties with some of our favorite DJs. Regardless, we’re bringing you the best of the best, songs that made our hearts skip a few beats and that made us dance countless hours. Here are the Top 20 Remixes of 2023.

Honorable Mentions

It hurt our hearts that we could not include these remixes on our list. However, we are giving credit where its due. Honorable mentions include Sultan + Shepard’s RnR (Lane 8 Remix), Kim Petras, Nicki Minaj’s Alone (James Hype Remix) and John Summit’s Where You Are (Griz Remix). Fair warning, you’re going to see Where You Are remixes all over this list. And lastly, let’s give props to Zyon’s No Fate (Adam Beyer Remix). Now, let’s move on to the tastiest tunes.

20. Swedish House Mafia – ‘Ray of Solar’ (Anfisa Letyago Remix)

This banger by Axwell, Steve Angello and Sebastian Ingrosso captivated everyone with ‘Ray of Solar’, it inspired two remixes on this list. The Russian-born Anfisa Letyago starts our list with this fast-paced and captivating Techno remix of the already amazing track. She utilized the hypnotizing vocals on her favor and added incredible stutter effects to boost the track’s power even more. Well done Anfisa!

19.Cubicolor – The Outsider (Colyn Palapas Remix)

Another trio with big impact this year was Cubicolor. The Dutch/Anglo group brought out ‘The Outsider’ as one of their top tracks of their newest album Sometime Not Now with Anjunadeep last year. However, This Colyn Palapas remix makes it even deeper and gives out a tropical vibes that blendes deep house and Melodic Afrohouse into an amazing remix. He managed to refresh the track into a new year and deliver it with more emotion. Your morale will be boosted by listening to this track.

18. WhoMadeWho, Adriatique – Miracle (Rüfüs Du Sol Remix)

A soulful track on itself, Adriatique and WhoMadeWho released a beautiful ‘Miracle’. Nevertheless, the Australian Grammy winner electronic-indie trio Rüfüs Du Sol gave this track an etherial twist. With reverberating melodies and soothing tones, the remix is a sensitive and beautiful trip.

17. Donna Lewis – I Love You Always Forever (Nora’s Version)

Now this is a classic! Nora En Pure brings back the oldie ‘I Love You Always Forever’ by Donna Lewis from 1996. The fun Pop song is now a beautiful spiritual soul searching track thanks to Nora’s Organic Beats and Deep mixing. Nora En Pure delivers another inspiring track yet again. Fun fact, Paris Hilton played this track on her Tomorrowland Belgium set this year.

16. Lana Del Rey – Say Yes To Heaven (Anyma Remix)

Another unexpected remix from Anyma is this year’s ‘Say Yes To Heaven’ by miss Lana Del Rey. Now that we think about it her soulful and blues-inspired vocals are perfect for great Melodic Techno. Anyma already took home the EDMTunes Top Spot for best album, naturally he deserves a spot with this remix.

15. Calvin Harris, Ellie Goulding – Miracle (Mau P)

EDM’s dynamic duo Calvin Harris and Ellie Goulding crafted amazing Trancey song ‘Miracle’ earlier this year and it wowed the audiences as usual. Instantly, the ‘Drugs from Amsterdam’ originator Mau P added a fun house bit for the remix and made us like him even more.

14. Purple Disco Machine, Duke Dumont Ft Nothing But Thieves – Something on my mind (Solumun Remix)

The groove is never ending on the Purple Disco Machine and Duke Dumont Ft. Nothin But Thieves Track ‘Something on my mind’. However, the melodic king himself Solumun was able to shift the genre of the song into an an amazing melodic techno song. The remix is now a mystical experience from beginning to end.

13. Portugal, The Man – Dummy (Chris Lake Remix)

A rather somber song, ‘Dummy’ is Portugal, The Man’s creation. The Alt-Rock song carries a lot of sentiment due to the album itself Chris Black Changed My Life. British DJ Chris Lake revitalized this jam to make a hype anthem that still delivers the essence of the song flawlessly. The groove is extremely catchy and the bounciness makes you feel light on your feet in a really nice way.

12. Yotto & SØNIN ft. AunA – Let You Go (Joris Voorn Remix)

A rather psychedelic embrace, Yotto & SØNIN came together to build ‘Let You go’ ft. AunA. The hypnotizing vocals and the quicker pace of the song are a Progressive wonder. The Dutch DJ Joris Voorn was inspired enough to handle the track in a different way, and brought this remix into life. The hipnosis is recurrent, but the echoing effects and the deeper contracts of the track define it from its original.

11. Armin Van Buuren ft. Sharon den Adel – In and out of Love (Innellea Remix)

One of Trance’s biggest names, Armin Van Buuren impacted the industry with ‘In and Out of Love’ ft. Sharon den Adel in 2008. 15 years later, the Germany-based Innellea producer reimagined the song into an abstract landscape. The remix is a powerful Melodic Techno vision of what it was before, and it is now a dream of assertive percussion and melodies.

Let’s give it up for our top 10 remixes, it was extremely difficult to choose, but we made it happen, We hope you enjoyed this remixes as much as we did.

10. John Summit – In Chicago (Danny Avila Remix)

Now, who doesn’t recognize this track from last year? John Summit came in full throttle to represent his city with ‘In Chicago’, alluding to its amazing nightlife and bender-activities. The twist comes from Spanish DJ Danny Avila, that turned the song into a filthy Peak Time Techno. The bass got way more intense and the kicks are nasty, just how we like them. It’s the kinda remix that melts your face right away.

9.Jimi Jules – My City’s On Fire (Anyma & Cassian Remix)

Another Anyma remix that made it into our list. Jimi Jules’ ‘My City’s On fire’ is a piece with vocals out of an 80’s movie soundtrack. Anyma and Cassian created a monster of a remix, adding their darker flavors to the track. Furthermore, the song still has an 80s element to it and it feels great.

8. Charlotte de Witte – High Street (Astrix Remix)

A high octane original meets a high octane remix. Charlotte de Witte debuted the Overdrive EP earlier this year, which included ‘High Street’. A great Techno track with impactful hip hop infuence. Techno meets Psytrance as Israeli DJ Astrix flipped the song completely to add fluidity and a magical atmosphere. The remix transports you to a mystical adventure that ends with a fantastic drop and added vocals.

7. Oceanlab – Satellite (Above and Beyond 2023 Progressive Mix)

The early 2000s was an amazing era for Trance, ‘Satellite’ by Oceanlab is the statement for it. What’s more impressive is how Above and Beyond decided to alter it almost 20 years later and invoke so many fresh emotions into this Progressive remix. Gratitude boys!

6. Le Youth – I Will Leave a Light on (Sultan + Shepard Remix)

Fighting melodic with melodic is a great battle. Le Youth’s ‘I Will Leave a Light On’ is nothing short of beautiful and simplistic. Canadian Duo Sultan + Shepard managed to overpower the melodies and add their own ethereal flare to this amazing track. The remix is uplifting and soothing.

5. Green Velvet – Voicemail (Layton Giordani Remix)

Green Velvet is one of the most influencial figures in the House and Techno Scene. 2014’s ‘Voicemail’ with Patrick topping was a funky track that had everyone dancing. Layton Giordani’s remix keeps the groove intact while he boosts the bass, adds spooky melodies and revitalizes the track for a newer audience. This track has been a stage smasher for every Green Velvet set for the past few years and it thoroughly deserves the Top 5 spot on our list.

4. Swedish House Mafia – Ray of Solar (Mau P Remix)

We couldn’t get enough of this jam! so we needed it on our list twice. This time, Mau P molds ‘Ray of Solar’ into a fantastic progressive techno track. The vocals remain as significant as ever, and the beat plays with the string arrangements into a delightful combination.

3. David Guetta vs. Benny Benassi – Satisfaction (Hardwell & Maddix Remix)

Classics always come back, and ‘Satisfaction’ by Benny Benassi is not the exception. Given that the David Guetta mix was fantastic, this Hardwell & Maddix remix blew up speakers all over the world. Everytime this track was played at a festival this year, the crowd’s energie multiplied by ten. The Acid Kick is the protagonist in this remix

2. Kaskade & Deadmau5 – I Remember (John Summit Remix)

The original ‘I Remember’ is always going to be quintessential Kaskade and Deadmau5. It is truly amazing how John summit managed to capture its essence into his own. His personality truly reflects how amazing his producing skills are. We will always remember how this track made us feel the first time.

1. John Summit ft. Hayla Where You Are (Gorgon City Remix)

Don’t act surprised, this song earned Top Original Track in our most recent list! This may be the first year that the same track hit #1 on both lists! However, we couldn’t leave this amazing remix by Gorgon City. The English Duo really put it into overdrive while remixing the already insane song. The drop is an explosion of percussion and stutters that light up the sky moreso than any lasers could. Congrats to John Summit Gorgon City for another successful track.