DJs Amelie Lens and Bryan Kearney Both Welcome New Babies

The dance family is growing a little bigger, as Belgian DJ Amelie Lens and Irish DJ-producer Bryan Kearny welcome their new babies into the world. The two music makers announced their wonderful news to the world, sharing some sweet photos of their new additions.

Amelie Lens Announces The Arrival of Her Child

Amelie Lens introduced the world to her little bundle of joy with husband Farrago via Facebook. The pair first announced the news of the techno music producer’s pregnancy back in July with a photo of Amelie Lens with a baby bump and her husband. The two have officially become new parents with this latest announcement, as Kiki is the first child to be added into their little techno family.

Bryan Kearney Welcomes Twin Boys Josh & Zack

We’re seeing double! Bryan Kearney announced the great news that he has welcomed not only one, but two baby boys. The Irish trance DJ shared the news via Facebook, explaining his absence on social media related to taking care of his new-born identical twins, Josh and Zack, and his wife.

The music producer shared that the birth was a challenging one, as the babies arrived a few weeks earlier than expected. Kearney shared that the pregnancy was already high-risk one, and that the birth of the babies was a difficult. Since then, Bryan Kearney has spent most of his time at the ICU helping his wife recover while taking care of the twin boys.

The good news is that the family has now returned home from the hospital and are starting to settle in.

Congratulations are in order for these two incredible DJs. We can’t wait to see these little rascals join their parents on the decks.