DJ Flex Releases Dancefloor Single ‘Sexie’

Straight out of Newark, New Jersey, DJ Flex is making waves with his latest track, ‘Sexie.’ This dancefloor anthem is a blend of the energetic Jersey Club beats and the catchy tunes of Afropop, reflecting DJ Flex’s diverse influences. Outside of Newark, DJ Flex is also a global player. He’s collaborated with big names like Megan The Stallion, Shenseea, Mya, Nija, and Minz. From Newark’s dance scene to international stages, DJ Flex has earned recognition from top platforms like Boiler Room, BBC Radio, and OVO Sound Radio.

About ‘Sexie’, DJ Flex says:

‘the song blends the sounds of Jersey Club and Afropop that is equally balanced throughout the song to reach a worldwide audience. I really took the time to make sure the sound was unique and universal. The production and vocal structure was designed to get the clubs rocking. The kicks are super heavy and energetic. I took my experience from playing at clubs and understanding what the people want to hear. Which led me to the concept of writing a song about a crazy drunk night with a significant other or person for the night after the club. The lyrics were written in a flirtatious style that led to wild fun. I also had the Afro dance community in mind so the style of beat represents the culture. Overall the sound is different and unique, and the record builds excitement and can get the masses moving!’

Born to Ghanaian parents in Newark, DJ Flex’s unique background has played a pivotal role in shaping his distinct sound. His music reflects quite a diverse background with the vibrant beats of Afropop, the sweat-inducing bounce of Jersey Club, and the rhythmic allure of Baile Funk. This eclectic blend is a testament to his diverse craft.