Alesso & Sentinel – Interstellar

Swedish artist, Alesso, decided to gift fans this year a track that everyone has long been waiting for. The iconic “Interstellar” theme song has been one of the most recognizable movie soundtracks in recent years. Originally produced by legendary film score composer and music producer, Hans Zimmer, the song was created for Christopher Nolan‘s film of the same name “Interstellar”. The track’s epic build up has been remixed, mashed up and played out over the years in various ways but none seem to compare to the masterpiece that Alesso has put together and fans can now finally listen to it as they please.

Alesso has been a long time fan of Christopher Nolan and Hans Zimmer which makes this project even more passionate. The original song by Hans Zimmer is called ‘Cornfield Chase‘ which was one of many iconic tracks produced for the Interstellar movie. Alesso’s remix of the song was first played out on the mainstage of Tomorrowland in 2021 and has since been a part of his set. Fans have eagerly asked the artist for the release of the track and he has decided to bless us all this Christmas. The track features many of Alesso’s signature sounds that can be heard in the intro all the way up until the build up. The progressive nature of the song almost takes us back to the earlier productions in Alesso’s career creating a nostalgic experience for all those who have followed him on his journey since the days of ‘Nillionaire‘ and his remix of Nadia Ali’s ‘Pressure‘.

See what all the hype is about and take a listen to Alesso and Sentinel’s Interstellar track below.