Venture 5 Unveils New DnB EP, ‘On My Own’

Venture 5 is a rising artist from Denver, and he just released a new Drum n’ Bass (DnB) banger, On My Own. The release of On My Own from Venture 5 comes after the multi-genre bending artist released his electro house EP, Penelopi’s Code, and a bass music EP, First Connection, last year. With the release of On My Own, Venture 5 shows that he is a skillful DJ/producer who can craft innovative releases with ease no matter the genre or sub-genre. The EP came out on November 3rd and readers can listen to the EP by clicking “Play” on the Spotify link below. This EP will guarantee a wonderful experience for anyone who is listening to it for the first time.

Venture 5 brings out creative sparks in the tracks of On My Own

The two tracks of Venture 5’s On My Own are, the title track itself, and ‘Heartbeat‘. The title track, ‘On My Own‘, provides melodic vocals, pulse-pounding bass, and quick-feet rhythms. ‘Heartbeat’ has a sound that transcends emotions, particularly with vocals that are soothing, and it is a track that one can listen to over and over. Venture 5 releasing On My Own also comes after his single ‘Focus’ landed a spot on Insomniac’s Bassrush’s playlist ‘Drum and Bass Allstars‘. In fact, this inclusion represents an accomplishment for the already bright future of the up-and-coming artist. One day, people will see him as a headliner in many prestigious music festivals around the world, especially festivals that cater to Drum n’ Bass tastes.