The Best Cinematic Samples and Plugins: Keepforest On Sale for Black Friday

Cinematic Samples

This week, we demoed some of the coolest Cinematic Samples and Trailer Sounds plugins on the market today. While searching the internet for new epic sounds that will add cinematic feel and impact to your music production, we came across the company Keepforest.  We did a deep dive into the Keepforest Trailer Essentials Bundle and man were we impressed by the result! Even better, Keepforest is having a crazy sale for Black Friday on all of their products. Check out our full review of their Trailer Essentials Bundle or see for yourself on their website here.

The biggest reason we fell in love with Keepforest samples is that they are an easy way to instantly beef up your tracks. Both the Kontakt instruments and sample packs they sell are jam packed with epic sounds and cinematic emphasis that can add so much depth to music. If you’re a music producer that creates cinematic music, house music, dubstep, future bass, drum and bass, or all essentially any EDM genre, you should definitely check out Keepforest. 

Often times, what makes a song go from average to extraordinary is ear candy and sound design detail. In music production, the little elements and details add up quickly in a mix. It’s the little things added together that make a big difference in a song. For those of us who like to add a lot of ethereal sounds and textures into the mix, adding cinematic type sounds are a great way to draw the listener deeper into your song.

Searching sample sites like Splice and Arcade can be hit or miss. Sometimes you have very fruitful searches and other-times you come up dry with less than impressive samples. If you are trying to optimize your workflow with some of the cleanest and hard hitting samples all in one place, then you need these Keepforest packs. Keepforest appears to have some of the best samples and Kontakt instruments in the market today. Below, we dive into each Keepforest product that is included in the Trailer Essentials Bundle.

Ferrum – Modern Trailer Percussion

Cinematic drum samples with face-smacking punch are often difficult to come by. But here is the saving grace to every music producers online search for “trailer drum samples”. Packed into a single Kontakt Instrument is every trailer drum sound you will ever need. On top of the high quality drum samples, the playability of Ferrum within Kontakt makes the instrument insanely fun to play live as well. As soon as you open the instrument, you can randomly pound on any of the keys on your keyboard and get an incredibly sounding drum section. The Full Edition of Ferrum includes 23 patches with a total of 550 notes, each of which has up to 16 round-robins with several mic positions as well as velocity layers resulting in thousands of unique hand-crafted samples of the highest quality.

Ferrum Features Included:

  1. Built-in Step Sequencer to make creating complex rhythms easier than ever; 
  2. Quick Stage Placement module which can work independently for each note; 
  3. Multiple Playback Modes including Doubling and Ensemble; 
  4. Convenient Effects Rack for quick sound processing inside the instrument; 
  5. Dozens of Snapshots to unleash the full creative potential.
Cinematic Drums

There is a huge list of patches for Ferrum included with the product.

  • 01 Hybrid Trailer Percussion
  • 02 Epic Trailer Percussion
  • 03 Organic Massive Ensemble
  • 04 Super Snare Drums
  • 05 Metallic Trailer Hits – One Shots
  • 06 Metallic Trailer Hits – Playable
  • 07 Metallic Trailer Punches
  • 08 Factory Hall Ensemble
  • 09 Anvils Strikes Ensemble
  • 10 Industrial Doors Impacts
  • 11 Cymbals – Light Processing
  • 12 Cymbals – Heavy Processing
  • 13 Bells & Shakers
  • 14 Metallic Foley Percussion
  • 15 Various Metals – All In One
  • 16 Various Metals – Universal
  • 17 Various Metals – High Ringing
  • 18 Various Metals – Mid Ringing
  • 19 Various Metals – Tick-Tocks
  • 20 Various Metals – Muted
  • 21 Various Metals – Percussive
  • 22 Various Metals – Specific
  • 23 Various Metals – Low-Mid

Additionally, the WAV File contents include over 1500 files. This includes the best Trailer Elements (One-Shots), Trailer Percussion (Round Robin), Trailer Loops, and Trailer Stems. Check out this video displaying the full range of sounds and functionality that Ferrum has to offer:

Evolution: Devastator Breakout Pro

This Kontakt instrument has everything you could ever dream of adding to your effects and percussion library. Aside from awesome looking interface, this instrument/pack has a number of features and sounds that make it super impactful while producing. Whats nice about this pack in Kontakt, is that its also fully playable and easy to work into your existing projects. Some of the biggest highlights for us were the Hits, Bass & BRAAMS, and Alarm sounds that work great for adding impact to your production.

Amongst Evolution: Devastator Breakout’s thousands of sounds, you will also find breathtaking percussion and drum sounds, fully playable instruments, dynamic tick-tock layers, thumping pulse sounds, staggering signature sounds, one shots, gun handlings, artist stems, cinematic loops and more. This includes 105 patches in 15 different categories with 2300+ WAV Files and 900+ Loops Samples. In the Pro version (that is included in the Trailer Essentials Bundle), you also get Smart XY Morphing Engine for flexible control under sound design with all samples integrated. Along with that, includes 63 Kits presets each with 7 Scene Presets and 1300+ Hand Crafted Sound Design WAV Samples.

Risenge Pro

Similar to AizerX, Risenge Pro is a powerful sample engine that allows you to create insanely cool sounds by randomly combining some of the highest quality samples. The added benefit of Risenge Pro is the new engine that’s CPU-friendly for better workflow performance. The interface has a modern and smooth design that makes it pleasing to use and fun to play with. Like the other instruments, this one is playable with your keyboard.

Keepforest developed a completely new engine with a CPU-friendly for an outstanding performance, minimalistic modern and smooth design for a fluid workflow. Eight modules of layers which can be easily randomized, combined, modified with an arsenal of more than 4000 fully designed rises, suckbacks, hits, drops and layers of classic, hybrid, engine & motors, mechanical, stutter, orchestral, sci-fi, horror etc., and a powerful easy-to-use sequencer will give you the ability to create expressive cinematic tension build-ups for the composition in no time.

Risenge Pro Features

  • High-quality samples at 48kHz/24bit
  • 8 units for layers
  • Layers randomizing function
  • Easy-to-use sequencer
  • XY Pad, LFO, PAN functions
  • Minimalistic design
  • CPU-friendly for fast performance

Risenge Pro (Designed sounds & additional layers)

  • 5 patches:
    • Combined
    • Layers & Hit
    • Rise & Hit
    • Suckback & Hit
    • Whoosh & Hit
  • Wav folder (4976 samples sorted in categories)
    • 174 Full Rises
    • 1195 Rise Layers
    • 651 Full Suckbacks
    • 1711 Suckback Layers
    • 245 Hits
    • 50 Drops
    • 38 Buildups & Downfalls
    • 158 Buildups & Downfalls stems
    • 754 Resampled engine presets
AizerX – Classic Trailer Toolkit

AizerX is an incredible sample engine that allows you to design SFX yourself. As if the samples weren’t amazing on their own, this Kontakt instrument is an engine that mixes the samples according to formulas crafted by world-class composers and sound designers. You can easily open the instrument and create instant, unique sounding effects in your project. What’s nice about AizerX is just how “Hollywood-level” the results sound. It’s fun and fruitful to play around with the different modifiers, rendering unique sounds for your individual projects.

The AizerX Classic Trailers Toolkit contains a completely fresh massive collection of hand-crafted high quality sound effects, created by the Keepforest team, a new wonderful sounding AizerX synth with presets, including pads, piano, basses, plucks, keys, etc., and other instruments waiting to be explored. Like all the products of the AizerX series, the Classic Trailers Toolkit offers a deep sound customization with a lot of easy-to-use parameters like frequency filters, LFO, ADSR, sample playback modes, channels mixer, loaded with all kind of effects like EQ, reverb, delay, distortion etc., and a breathtaking XY pad feature.

Additional Products included in the Trailer Essentials Bundle

When you grab the Trailer Essentials Bundle, you get access to most all of the top products listed on their site. In addition to the packs listed above, you also get access to Evolution: Atlantic, Evolution: Dragon, Classic Metal Hits, and Cinematic Downfalls. There’s so much in these packs, it would be impossible to include in all details in one post. This bundle includes everything you would ever need to build fully professional cinematic trailers. Additionally, it has all you need to add ear catching sounds and effects to your music production in any genre. Check out more of the Keepforest sound demos for these packs on their SoundCloud link here!

Things to keep in mind:

When deciding on purchase this bundle or any of the Keepforest products, memory size is always a factor you want to keep in mind. Because the samples are in such high quality, the download size of the package is quite hefty. You’ll want to reserve around 100GB if you’re looking to grab the full bundle. Otherwise, you can check each individual product requirements if you’re looking to grab just a single product (although we highly recommend grabbing the entire bundle). 

Black Friday Discount

Right now, you can grab this bundle or any of the Keepforest packs or instruments at an insane discount. All of these products are on sale for 50% or more off their regular price. Whether you want to bulk up with the bundle or just need one of these packs to beef up your production, its absolutely worth checking out. We highly recommend Keepforest and will keep our eyes peeled for future sample packs, sound packs and Kontakt instruments. Check out their post on the sale below and follow for more!