Skrillex Will Feature In ‘Diary Of A CEO’ Episode

Diary of a CEO has teased that Skrillex will be in an upcoming episode of the highly-rated podcast show. The Grammy-winning producer has worked with artists like Justin Bieber, Diplo, and many more. He will give a more in-depth look into his journey to success and how he has navigated the music scene.

The news about Skrillex’s episode was initially shared via an ad run on the host Steven Bartlett‘s Instagram. Moreover, a Reddit user took a screenshot of the ad and posted it to the Skrillex-dedicated Reddit feed (see screenshot below).

Additionally, Skrillex, whose real name is Sonny Moore, is known for his innovative style and has profoundly influenced the landscape of the electronic dance music scene. In the upcoming episode, he is sure to talk about his creative process, his approach to collaboration, and his thoughts on the future of the music industry.

Diary of a CEO is a popular podcast by entrepreneur Steven Bartlett, who interviews high-profile guests about their experiences and insights. Skrillex’s episode is for fans of the music industry and aspiring artists alike.

The episode will air soon so stay tuned; it’s a must-watch for all ravers.

Photo via Facebook: Skrillex