REZZ & NGHTMRE Release Collab: ‘All Night ‘(feat. DeathbyRomy)’

After much social media hype, the highly anticipated collab between two bass music titans REZZ & NGHMRE is finally out now. A wayward original that complements each of their signature styles while testing the boundaries of their collaborative spirits, ‘All Night’ serpentines through haunting builds and riveting mid-tempo drops. Encapsulating the energy of a psychological thriller, DeathbyRomy’s hypnotizing vocals tell a dark and disorienting tale amidst meddlesome melodies and distorted basslines. Riddled with twisted tones and eerie lyricism, ‘All Night’ will leave listeners with goosebumps. Listen here.

This has been a busy year for NGHTMRE, who recently releasing his collaborative EP with Big GiganticGIGANTIC NGHTMRE as well as his DRMVRSE album. REZZ has been making strides as both an artist and label head. Her most recent highlights include her goth-inspired IT’S NOT A PHASE EP and reuniting with deadmau5 to rework his 2012 electro classic, ‘Superliminal.’