Ren Zukii Releases ’10 Hour Shower’ On Wakaan

Ren Zukii is back with another heater. The Australian experimental bass producer released a funky and powerful tune ’10 Hour Shower’ on Liquid Strangers Wakaan. She has stayed true to her signature sound with this one with electrifying sounds throughout and energy that will have you saying “What The F**k.” Ren had this to say about the track:

I wrote this track in a tropical thunderstorm in Sumatra, Indonesia. It rained for 10 hours straight while I was there on a surfing trip, so that’s where the title of the track comes from. I was feeling super inspired to write music while in Indonesia, as I used to live there when I was 16, teaching English in a local village.

It is pretty awesome to hear the story of where this track came from. One could view a 10-hour rainstorm ruining your surfing trip, but not Ren. She turned into a positive and drove inspiration from it creating a sick record.

Ren grew up in the scenic surfing town of Margret River on the south coast of Western Australia where she was introduced to Drum & Bass at age 12, then later learned to DJ when she turned 18. Ren continued to pursue her passion for electronic music by enrolling to study at the SAE Institute when she was 21 and subsequently began producing a unique style of experimental bass music.

Make sure to check out ’10 Hour Shower’ below!