Martial Simon Ends The Year With Huge Track ‘Turn Down The Lights’

Martial Simon has returned to us once again with a huge track. This year has been truly spectacular for Simon, adding a series of accolades to his already storied career. He now closes this year with pop and progressive focused ‘Turn Down The Lights.’

‘Turn Down The Lights’ is the pinnacle of his dynamic year. Beyond its rapid, warm synths, and unforgettable pop vocal melodies, this track encapsulates Simon’s musical journey. It is a fusion of his distinctive, bright sound with a forward-looking touch. It’s a song that brings a fresh perspective to dance. It symbolizes an artist grounded in his roots but unafraid to explore new horizons. It reminds me of a modern day early 2010s era track.

Accruing an astonishing 1.5 million-plus streams this year is a monumental testament to Simon’s resonance with a global audience. Tracks like ‘Have A Good Time’ and ‘Go Bezerk’ transcend being mere songs. These tracks are sensory anthems consumed by fans further solidifying Martial’s position as a luminary in the electro-pop and electro-house genres.

It’s important to recognize that these achievements aren’t the result of overnight success. Each accolade Simon has earned this year is built upon a foundation of tireless dedication, boundless creativity, and an intuitive understanding of the ever-evolving musical landscape. For those unfamiliar, now is the time to immerse yourself in the Martial Simon experience. And for his devoted fans, rest assured, the best is yet to come.

Make sure to check out ‘Turn Down The Lights’ below!