[INTERVIEW] Electronic Music Producer Zander Shine Shares Creative Process And Career Insights

In this exclusive interview, we dive into the world of Zander Shine, a talented Electronic music producer who is ready to make waves in the industry. Zander shares insights about his musical journey, influences, production techniques, and valuable advice for budding producers. 
Join us as we get to know the artist behind the beats and explore the creative process that fuels his passion for Electronic music. 

Hi Zander Shine! How’s it going? 

I’m doing really good! Excited for all the new music I’m finishing up, getting prepared for next year. 

Can you tell us about your journey into producing Electronic Music? What made you want to pursue a career as a producer? 

Growing up, I always knew I was going to end up doing something creative. Initially, I gravitated towards Electronic music. Though I grew up listening to it, I didn’t begin to get curious about producing, until one of my friends from high school had an internship in college at a management company. I thought it was incredible that these guys were flying all around the world playing their music. Avicii is probably the music producer that inspired me the most, it was always about having great melodies being the lead of Dance anthems. I downloaded Logic, and haven’t looked back since.  

Can you remember what the first piece of gear you bought was? 

The first piece of gear I bought was a pair of Adam A3X studio monitors, since then, I have upgraded to the A7X, with the SUB10 MK2. 

Did you receive any advice early on that remains paramount within your production process today? 

Yes, most definitely. I went to school at Berklee College of Music, and in my composition & production courses I was always told not to get stuck too long on one thing, if you feel like it’s taking too long, move on, then circle back with fresh ears and usually that always helps, if I find myself stuck on a certain element or part of a track. 

Do you have a favorite DAW? 

Definitely Logic. Initially, I remember playing around on GarageBand on my parents’ computer when I was around 13 years old so it felt natural to work in Logic once I began producing seriously. 

What are some of your most used plugins, effects, and VSTs? 

That’s a tough one. There’s so many good plugins so I’ll just list a few of my go-to’s: 

As far as synths go, I definitely have to go with Serum, it’s just great and easy to work with. Spire is also another one I find myself using often.  

As far as reverb & delay goes it’s going to have to be Valhalla Room. 

Sidechain compression I use Shaperbox 3, Cableguys really has some great other products I’d recommend trying out too. LFO tool is another good one. 

Last but not least, Fabfilter Pro Q3 is my personal favorite tool for mixing and mastering. Plus, Saturn 2 is really great for saturation.  

Can you share with us your usual workflow? How do you tend to start producing a track? 

I like to lay down the arrangement or the basic structure of the idea as quickly as I can, then fill in all the other details. On occasion, I’ll start with the drop, then just build around that with FX, but really, it also depends on the genre and type of track I’m working on, to be quite honest. FX are super important to me in the track, and usually I start with that after the arrangement, because there’s plenty of space for the track to start taking shape.  

What was the last piece of equipment you bought and what are you hoping to add to your set-up next? 

Oh, the last thing I bought was my studio monitor, I just got a 40’ LG Ultrawide that has helped with my workflow tremendously. Being able to have more screen to see the channels is really nice while producing.  

In your opinion and experience, which elements of a track help it perform well in front of a crowd? 

Definitely would say having a really strong bassline gets the crowd going, combining a good bassline with a catchy melody is something you’ll always get a good response from the crowd. Especially, having a false drop or something unexpected, to keep the listeners on their toes. 

Finally, what would be your number one tip for budding producers to keep in mind as they set out to create their own music? 

If you work hard enough, you’re going to succeed. I’ve seen it first hand with friends of mine and it’s just a fact. When I first started sending my music to labels, I got rejected from every single one. I just decided to continue working and coming up with more unique ideas. Getting feedback is something else that was really helpful for me, just make sure to ask the right people. It takes a lot of time and effort but if you really love making music, it’s all worth it.  

We thank Zander Shine for sharing his journey and valuable insights into the world of Electronic music production. As an emerging talent, Zander’s dedication and love for music shine through his work and drive; his advice and experiences will certainly be of inspiration for aspiring producers, as he highlights the importance of perseverance and passion. Make sure to follow Zander Shine to remain updated about his latest projects and releases, as we look forward to witnessing Zander’s continued growth and success in the realm of Electronic music. 

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