Facebook And Instagram Introduce Subscription Service For Ad-Free Experience

Meta is ready to roll out a paid subscription service aimed at eliminating ads from Facebook and Instagram. This offering will be accessible across the European Union, with pricing at approximately €9.99 per month for web users and €12.99 per month for iOS and Android users to accommodate additional platform-related costs.

The introduction of this subscription service is a response to concerns expressed by the European Union regarding Meta’s advertising targeting and data collection methods. By giving users the option to either pay for an ad-free experience or utilize the service for free while consenting to data collection practices, Meta believes it will better fulfil the stringent privacy requirements outlined in a variety of European data regulations, including the Digital Markets Act and GDPR.

Will I Have To Pay?

Meta has emphasized its commitment to providing free access to its products for individuals who opt not to subscribe. The company assures that the experience for non-subscribing users will remain unchanged. Also, they say the existing ad preference tools will continue to be accessible.

The ad-free subscription will exclusively cater to individuals aged 18 and above within the European Union, European Economic Area (EEA), and Switzerland. Initially, this subscription will cover all associated Facebook and Instagram accounts, but Meta intends to introduce an additional charge for linked accounts in the future. Starting from March 1st, 2024, there will be an extra fee of €6 on the web and €8 on iOS and Android for each linked account. Meta also affirms that as long as an individual maintains their subscription, their data will not be utilized for ad targeting.

Meta wrote in a post:

“We respect the spirit and purpose of these evolving European regulations, and are committed to complying with them.”

The language used in Meta’s subscription announcement clearly underscores the company’s continued emphasis on its ad-supported business model, which forms the foundation of its platforms. The service will be introduced exclusively in regions with robust safeguards for user data, and even within these areas, it will remain an elective choice.

[H/T] The Verge