[Event Review] Time Warp NYC: Twice As Many Stages, Twice As Much Fun

Since its 1994 inception in Germany, Time Warp has expanded globally and established itself as the world’s leading techno powerhouse event. The festival is renowned for combining unparalleled lineups with world-class production, all while maintaining the raw 90s warehouse rave foundation it was built on. In the US, Time Warp has long partnered with event producer Teksupport. The 2023 NYC iteration is the 3rd global Time Warp Event this year and featured two stages and unique afterparties that hosted a stellar lineup of Techno and Tech House. Attendees saw performances from an array of globally acclaimed techno visionaries including label owner, producer and DJ Nina Kraviz, Berlin-based duo Pan-Pot, Noise Manifesto co-founder Paula Temple, prolific German DJ and producer Klangkuenstler and an electrifying live showcase by Reinier Zonneveld. Three special back to backs further elevated the billing, with a B2B with Italian techno pioneers Ilario Alicante and Sam Paganni, underground mainstay Joseph Capriati B2B Brazilian icon Vintage Culture, and GOLFOS, comprised of tech house titans PAWSA and Dennis Cruz. Unfortunately, due to Brazilian viral sensation and DC10 star Mochakk was unable to perform due to health issues.

The two large stages and unique stages wowed audiences this year. Not only did expanding to two stages double the space and capacity for the event, it also allowed Time Warp to curate two distinct vibes that catered to a broader audience. The main stage, or dance floor #1, featured LED panels lined up along the ceiling and sides of the room, creating an intimate “boxed in” illusion that captivated the audience. The second stage, or dance floor #2’s main attraction was the intricate LED strips on the ceiling that mimicked a honeycomb shape. This was much more suited for music that was showcased in the space since dance floor #1 had a more Tech House vibe while dance floor #2 was much faster and definitely had more of a European touch. The higher energy and even higher bpm techno in the second stage kept people dancing and sweating all night long while the first dance floor allowed people to vibe and catch their breath. The walk between the stages was not too far and did not take long at all. However, being in an industrial complex, often times there were some unpleasant smells wafting through the air. The weather was very mild and pleasant so many people spent a lot of time outside socializing so this seemed to be a common complaint among attendees. If there was one thing I wish the event did better this year, it would be the ensuring the outdoor areas had some incense or better circulation so that the odors could be somewhat mitigated. But all in all, it was another amazing event with unmatched production, premier sound quality, and a very good crowd that had plenty of space to dance. In a world where event producers have gotten into a habit of overselling spaces, over charging, and cutting corners, it’s refreshing to see Time Warp and Teksupport stand out as a leader in production, line up, and attendee experience.