Mikey Lion Remixes Destructo’s ‘You Only Die Once’

Mikey Lion is one of the leading names of the Desert Hearts Music Festival and of the Desert Hearts label itself. Last Friday, November 10th, Mikey Lion released his remix of Destructo‘s ‘You Only Die Once’ featuring the appearance of the legendary Snoop Dogg himself. In fact, this remix is unique in its vibrant connection of House and Hip-Hop. Concurrently, the remix is out via Destructo’s label, All My Friends (AMF). Also, this remix shows why Mikey Lion is a House and Techno innovator.

This particularly includes his talent in creating and performing tracks that are perfect for any setting. Check out Mikey Lion’s remix of Destructo’s ‘You Only Die Once’ featuring Snoop Dogg by clicking ‘Play’ on the Spotify link below.

Mikey Lion’s Remix of ‘You Only Die Once’ has addictive rhythms

This remix of ‘You Only Die Once’ brings out the best of House and Hip-Hop in one exhilarating jam, especially with a sprinkle of Techno in it. The bassline and Dance beats bring out rhythms that can make one “spit some flows” while breakdancing at the same time. Snoop Dogg’s vocals also heighten this remix’s upbeat flow and it is one of those tracks that makes people want to say “TGIF“.