Alpha Being Teleports You To A Futuristic Realm On Latest EP, Reboot

Prepare to get flown to space with a sublime, diverse four-sided compilation.

We’ve got new music to share, everyone! Music is a way to travel, through memories, or through ideas at times. The latter is certainly reflected in today’s piece of music. Our ears got a proper therapeutic treatment when we stumbled across producer Alpha Being’s latest release, the Reboot EP.

Alpha Being

Meet Alpha Being. Shishir Balijepalli, a citizen of Hyderabad, India, is the mind, head and soul behind the project. Alpha Being aims to merge the essence of Cyberpunk culture with the finest Bass music out there, effectively offering a sonic experience like no other.

Drawing upon a rich tapestry of personal experiences and the immersion of video games, Alpha Being crafts intricate tapestries that transport listeners to a futuristic realm. Their music embodies the very soul of a neon-lit metropolis, expressing said city across a variety of genres, among which stand Drum and Bass, Midtempo, Dubstep, and Future Bass.

The Reboot EP

The EP is the fine-polished product of Alpha Being’s meticulous production, which hopes to ace a clear image of their brand, both visually and sonically. Every song tells a tale, as much as they all tell a story together, depicting a dystopian, futuristic capital.

“This EP encapsulates a transformative chapter in my artistic expedition, and I’m thrilled to share it with you.”

-Alpha Being

The EP is comprised of four tracks: ‘Solo’, a Dubstep/Color Bass banger, ‘Neon City’, a festival-esque Hybrid Trap composition, ‘Brain Dance’, a tasty Moog-infused Midtempo track, and ‘Chromance’ featuring Cholly, a flawless Liquid Drum and Bass arrangement.


The opening track of the EP, ‘Solo’ features virtual vocals, suspenseful arpeggios and pads, and an aura of both mystery and loneliness. The drops bring melodic elements to the table while still hitting with all the force of a proper Dubstep track.

‘Neon City’

Hungry for a round of fire and pyro at a massive festival, ‘Neon City’ rethinks Trap and hybridises it with raw signals borrowed from harder styles. We struggled to keep a straight face throughout this track. Spoiler alert, after a tough battle, we gave up to the squished lemon face.

‘Brain Dance’

This track slows down the tempo, yet not the energy. Picturing a REZZ-like style, ‘Brain Dance’ features growls, Moog basslines, floaty arpeggios, and hard-hitting percussion.


The EP closes with a masterful Liquid Drum and Bass performance. ‘Chromance’ counts with a key collaborator by Alpha Being’s side, English singer/songwriter Chloe Tennant, also known as Cholly. The song comes to be very, very catchy, with vocals that are easy to follow, and a production underneath that exceeds expectations, just like the rest of the EP.

Final Words

Listen to Alpha Being’s Reboot EP below by clicking the Spotify button we’ve attached. Be sure to stay up to date with EDMTunes for the latest news and reviews regarding our beloved EDM industry!