ZIN Presents Jaw-Dropping Revision Of 1788-L And Deathpact’s ‘MALFUNKT’

Have a listen to the banger of a tune we recently came across.

Epic music and Electro House are not a very common combination. If you factor in the year and you realise the golden days of Electro House are nearly ten years behind (what?!), the chance of finding a tune like this is much rarer. But, dive deep into the SoundCloud waters, and you might find wonders. That’s precisely what we’re looking to share with you today. Meet ZIN.


Not much is known about the mind behind ZIN, but we do know this is an underground force coming from North Carolina. Covered in mystery, the artist has made a name for themselves by being a boundary pusher, combining sounds old and new and venturing down exciting, new hybrids.

Carefully hiding his human self under a mask, ZIN aims to hook listeners with their music, as much as their looks. Electro House, Bass House, and Complextro, are all trademarks of his signature sound. Those genres are the foundation of their tracks, leaving, of course, room for experiments. The first track of a new phase of the artist is this flip of ‘MALFUNKT‘, by 1788-L and Deathpact.

“As a fellow anonymous producer, [1788-L and Deathpact] have been so influential to the ZIN project.”


1788-L & Deathpact – MALFUNKT (ZIN Flip)

Dark, horror-like, and tension-inducing. That’s how the song kicks off. Classical pianos will set the dark mood for what’s to come. Get ready for aggressive textures making their way through, and before you even process it, the first drop comes in full force. And I mean it. Full Electro-House-reminiscing, but even darker, sort of like a 2013 Monstercat release if it didn’t have the “fun” aspect over it. This track is dark. It’s powerful. The tune is somewhat evil, in a good way, if that makes sense.

After that drop, take a breath and get ready for another round of grittiness. The melody and the chords set the scene for a drop that is jaw-dropping. With an approach that is closer to Dubstep, yet keeping the evil and melodic elements of before, the beat truly brings a special feeling to your skin.

Listen to ZIN‘s ‘MALFUNKT‘ flip by interacting with the SoundCloud button attached below. Click here to follow ZIN on his socials, and be sure to stay tuned to EDMTunes for the latest news and reviews regarding our EDM industry.