Verknipt ArenA Announces 40,000-capacity Hard Techno Event

Amsterdam’s Johan Cruijff ArenA will pulsate with the beats of Verknipt ArenA, an immense 40,000-capacity hard techno event, on 20th July 2024. Prepare for a night of relentless techno from 9 PM to 7 AM, marking this as the “world’s biggest hard techno rave.” Verknipt, the brain behind this extravaganza, promises an unforgettable 10-hour techno marathon that will have you dancing till dawn.

Techno’s Evolution: Verknipt ArenA Emerges

In Amsterdam, Verknipt, a techno pioneer since 2012, is spearheading a movement to redefine hard techno’s boundaries. Founder Mer Hajbarati declared, “Three years ago, a hard techno stadium show was unthinkable. But look at us now.” Witness the genesis of a revolution, an event once thought unattainable.

Claim Your Spot: Ticket Pre-registration and Release

Ticket pre-registration is open, and the techno floodgates will burst open on 25th October at 2 PM CET. Save the date to secure your spot at Verknipt ArenA, the hard techno epicenter. General ticket release follows the next day, ensuring no techno enthusiast misses this one-of-a-kind experience. Tickets can be found here.

[H/T] – DJ MAG