Surf Mesa Lifts Thrilling Single ‘Run’ featuring Griff Clawson From Debut EP COME TRUE

Surf Mesa, the maestro behind hits like ‘ily (i love you baby)‘, is about to make waves in the music world once again! Anticipation is reaching a crescendo as he prepares to drop his inaugural EP, COME TRUE, which promises to be an auditory feast later this fall under Astralwerks. Today, he graces us with a taste of what’s to come, revealing the exhilarating new single, ‘Run‘, featuring the vocals of Griff Clawson. Get ready for a musical journey that will set your soul on fire.

Racing to the Beats: Unveiling ‘Run’

Firstly, ‘Run’ catapults us into the vibrant realm curated by Surf Mesa and Griff Clawson. Clawson’s introspective lyrics ponder the inclination to “run from the good ones“, while the music itself bounces with irresistible energy, brimming with hope and positivity. The artistic synergy between these young prodigies shines through, showcasing their exceptional songwriting abilities as they collaborated with Nick Henriques to craft this masterpiece. Further, ‘Run’ stands as a testament to their musical harmony and limitless talent.

Unveiling the Sonic Odyssey: COME TRUE EP

The much-anticipated COME TRUE EP by Surf Mesa is a musical treasure trove waiting to be uncovered. Additionally, with earlier singles already amassing a staggering 12 billion global stream count, this debut EP promises an auditory journey like no other. ‘Run‘ offers a tantalizing glimpse. A glimpse that will leave fans eager to immerse themselves in the full spectrum of sounds and emotions that Surf Mesa has meticulously woven into his EP.

Surf Mesa feat. Griff Clawson – Run | STREAM

Riding the Wave: Surf Mesa’s Musical Ventures

Amidst this electrifying revelation, Surf Mesa is hitting the road on his North American headline tour. This tour will see him delivering captivating performances to his loyal fanbase. But that’s not where the excitement ends! Following this exhilarating tour, Surf Mesa will grace the West Coast. In the process sharing the stage with industry titans like The Chainsmokers and Tiësto.

Lastly, get ready for a dance music extravaganza as Surf Mesa continues to etch his mark on the music scene. In conclusion, prepare to join Surf Mesa on this auditory voyage as he paints the airwaves with his musical palette, inviting us all to be a part of his surreal journey. Surf Mesa’s tour dates can be found below.

About Surf Mesa:

Since his breakthrough with the 2x Platinum ‘ily (i love you baby)’ featuring Emilee, Surf has amassed over 12 billion combined global streams. Driven by one goal – to create electronic music that summons the joy of discovery he felt when stumbling upon new artists and songs as a teenager – he’s released a string of vibrant collaborations, including ‘Somewhere‘ featuring Gus Dapperton, ‘Carried Away‘ (with Madison Beer), ‘Another Life‘ (with FLETCHER and Josh Golden), ‘Marching Band‘ (with NITTI), ‘City of Love‘ featuring Selah Sol and ‘First Time‘ with Stevie Appleton. With each song, he encircles the listener in waves of optimism and grandeur. Surf recently released a remix of ILLENIUM’s ‘With All My Heart‘ (with JVKE). 

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