Spotify’s Super Premium Subscription Details Leak

Spotify is ramping up for a super premium option to your subscription. The new tier will include 24-bit lossless audio for songs, 30 hours of audiobooks, and advanced AI-generated playlist filtering. Details have emerged in recent months about what perks this option will provide, and now things are becoming more concrete.

The heightened subscription will officially be called Super Premium. The playlisting options seem the most interesting. You will be able to filter on playlists like never before. You will be able to use text prompts with AI to create new playlists. There will be the ability to organize your library by mood, genre, and activity.

There will also be an added function to customize the order of playlists by BPM and dancebility. Finally, tracks will transition smoothly. Now, everyone can be a DJ. You’ll also be able to set cue points where you want Spotify to fade the track in and out. There will be a “smart order” you can organize your playlists by, automatically creating the most suitable sequence of tracks based on key and tempo.

According to Reddit rumors it will be priced at $19.99 per month.