So You Want to Go to Tomorrowland 2024

So festival season 2023 is coming to a close, and you were undoubtedly captivated all throughout July by the sights and sounds of Tomorrowland. After seeing that glorious Reflection of Love mainstage in Brazil you’re probably itching for the Tomorrowland experience. You have finally decided that 2024 is the year you cross TML Belgium off your bucket list. So how exactly do you make that happen? You probably know Tomorrowland sells out both weekends in a matter of minutes right? So you have to plan it out and play it smart.

There are a number of important dates and milestones to pay attention to in order to maximize your chances. Make sure you pre-register as soon as you can and don’t forget. If you are one of the first 20 people from your country to pre-register then you will get a guaranteed slot. Good luck with this coming from the US, but you can always try! Once January comes, Tomorrowland news will drip drip basically every week from then on out. You will basically need to have your plans figured out by March or get lucky buying from the ticket exchange. You will have to buy your ticket without knowing the lineup for each Weekend and you might not even know the stage hosts before you purchase. Just trust the Tomorrowland gods to take care of you in that regard.

If you are coming from the US the best tip is to buy a Global Journey package. This means that you buy your entire trip in one package: that means ticket, flight, bus, hotel/camp, etc all together. It will be pricey (think $2k+), but these packages will last a lot longer and be available for weeks if not months after the regular tickets sell out. Some of the packages include an entire Eurotrip before or after the festival. The next tip is to purchase the Tomorrowland NFTs. Each one provides some benefits, and if you collect enough you are granted a ticket to the festival along with special ticket access. The NFT website provides more information on how this works. There are also Tomorrowland “travel partners” that may have bracelets to sell, so check for that as well.

Third-Party Tickets

There are companies such as ViaGogo which will offer tickets but you must tread carefully. Tomorrowland requires bracelets to be personalized to your name and if the bracelet and ID don’t match you could be refused. On some days, Tomorrowland will check IDs along with your bracelet at the entrance. Once the festival is sold out there is only the wait list or hoping somebody can personalize their bracelet in your name. If all else fails, you’ll have to show up in Boom on festival day and hope somebody already swiped in and decided to give up their bracelet to you.

Important Dates

  • Early December: Pre Register
  • Mid December: First 20 Email
  • Mid December: Global Journey pre-sale.
  • Early January: NFT Pre-Sale
  • Mid January: NFT Sale
  • Late January: Global Journey sale
  • Late January: Belgian Pre-Sale
  • Late January: Worldwide Pre-Sale
  • Early February: Worldwide Sale