Sia’s ‘Gimme Love’ Gets A Rave-Worthy Armin van Buuren Remix

Picture this: the crowd’s anticipation reaching a fever pitch, the energy in the air electric, and then it drops – the iconic notes of Sia‘s ‘Gimme Love‘ reverberating through the speakers. This wasn’t just another Pop track; it was a sensation. Armin van Buuren decided it was time to take this pop gem to a whole new level, and boy, did he deliver!

Sia’s original ‘Gimme Love’ was already a chart-topper, an uninhibited pop single with infectious melodies and unforgettable lyrics. But Armin van Buuren, the legend himself, saw the potential to transform it into something truly extraordinary.

From Pop Sensation to Festival Mainstage

Armin’s remix takes Sia’s masterpiece and elevates it to the heavens of Electronic Dance Music. He doesn’t just remix it; he reimagines it entirely. The result? A festival-ready Progressive House banger that ignites dancefloors worldwide. The track explodes with energy, uplifting melodies, and heart-pounding beats. It’s the kind of song that transports you to a different dimension, where the music moves your soul, and the crowd becomes one.

The Armin van Buuren remix of ‘Gimme Love’ is a testament to the power of music’s evolution. It takes a beloved Pop anthem and turns it into a dance music masterpiece that will leave you craving more. So, next time you’re at a festival, and you hear those unmistakable notes, let yourself be carried away by the magic of this remix.

Stream | Sia – Gimme Love (Armin van Buuren Remix)